If you are a warranty owner with a valid warranty, you are automatically eligible for a RMA to replace your defective or broken product(s). If you are a warranty holder, please call 616-940-5626 to receive your RMA instructions.

You have 30 Days from the Purchase date to request an RMA for refund or partial refund. If it is outside of this time period, no RMA will be issued for any reason other than Defective Equipment at which the manufacturer will be the sole dependent for the return process.

In the event of a return, whether the product is DOA (dead on arrival) or other reasons, the client must follow our written procedures to ensure a smooth and graceful RMA.

In order to get an RMA started, an email must be sent from the original buyers email account to us at customercare@ecperformance.com containing the following information:

  • Order or Invoice Number
  • Product Type
  • Quantity
  • Serial numbers
  • Date of purchase
  • Reason for Return

Once the RMA is received, we will inspect, test, and disect any issues the client is claiming. If the unit is found to be as described, then a replacement unit will be issued with the same product. if that product is no longer available, it is our discretion to choose the next available item.

If the item is not defective, and is not in the state the client claims, the item will be sent back via COD, the RMA claim will become void, and there will be no refund or replacement issued.

In the event that items are used or returned without the contents it came with, meaning paperwork, packaging, box, or other, the client will be subject to a restocking fee. Depending on the severity of this issue, restocking fees will range from 50% to 15% of the purchase price for that item.

In the event the RMA is approved, the client must put the item in a box that is not the standard unit box, meaning a separate shipping container than the original manufacturers box. This external box must have the RMA number disclosed on all sides of the shipping container. If a RMA is received and there is not an external box holding the product, we will refuse the shipment and void the RMA claim. If the exterior box has no visible RMA number on all sides, we will refuse the shipment and void the RMA request.

In the event the item is defective, we will ship a replacement within 10 business days. The client is welcome to pay for expidited shipping at this time, however standard procedures take this time window to 10 business days after receipt of the item. If the client requests a refund, we complete this once a month on the last thursday of the month. WE WILL NOT REFUND UNTIL THE LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH.

East Coast Performance has the sole discretion to upgrade any discontinued model purchased. The client will have the same return policy and warranty as the original item. Items that are upgraded are based upon the manufacturer's recommendation at all times.

If you have any further questions please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you quickly.

RMA Expiration
Once an approval has been given for a select RMA, the items must be returned to ecperformance.com no later than 5 business days.  RMA’s not received after this 5 business day period will be refused and returned to sender.  A valid tracking number must be provided within those five business days. The actual shipment must be received and processed by the carrier 24 hours after the tracking number has been created.

Dead on Arrival (DOA) or Defective Items
Any product deemed Dead On Arrival from will automatically be approved for an RMA, based on a technical examination or approval.  Units found to be in working condition, prior to a technician inspection, but used will be returned at the owner’s expense or held for pickup.

New Open Box Items
New open box items may not be returned unless there is an authorized RMA number.  

Used Products
Units that are not defective, or found to be not defective post RMA inspections, will be returned at the owners expense.  ecperformance.com will not accept any un-authorized used products in return for a refund or in-store credit.

Defective Products – Post 30 Days
Items purchased inside of one calendar year but more than 30 days ago must be returned directly to the manufacturer.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to assume and negotiate this return directly with the manufacturer.

Eligiblilty and Exceptions

Refunds will be given on the last thursday of the month the RMA was returned to East Coast Performance.

Return Shipping
All shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Certain situations may be brought to the attention of ecperformance.com in which alterations to shipping may approved.